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Cat Scheer



  • An American Story, 1997
  • For years Cat performed in Magic Moments shows alongside her father, which gave them a point of connection she really treasures. For this reason her favorite MM memory was during her son's first MM show when he suddenly realized that he and Cat were going to be onstage together and his whole face lit up with joy at the idea of it. She'll never forget how happy he was as a young 5 year old completely stoked to be doing something special with his Mom.

Cat first got involved with Magic Moments 25 years ago as a theatre crazed teenager. Ever since her first show she has been a devoted advocate for Magic Moments and the importance of the work of our beloved organization. She is honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of leading the Board of Directors and hopes she is up to the task.

When she isn’t dedicating herself to Magic Moments, Cat works as a Privacy Law Specialist for Automattic, Inc. She is also a wife, and a mother to three terrific kids, the oldest of whom has also fallen in love with Magic Moments (the younger two still need a couple more years of life before they are ready to tread the boards). One of the best things about Magic Moments is the way whole families get involved and Cat has loved being one of many multi-member, multi-generational families who make the magic happen together.