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Dana Hart Wright

Board member


  • Her first Magic Moments production was "Death of a Star" in 2011 and she has performed in the show three times since.
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Dana is passionately driven to give equal access to education and the arts for people with disabilities and because of this, the Magic Moments mission has always resonated with her.

Magic Moments and the Magic Moments family have had such an incredible impact on Dana that in 2012, she changed careers from being a performer and got her teaching license in special education. She taught for eight years and now coaches secondary special education teachers for 27J Schools in Brighton.

In addition to her full time career in education, Dana freelances as a special education and disability advocate in addition to maintaining a performing practice in the Denver metro area in her free time.

This is Dana’s third year on the board, she is currently focusing primarily on the education and arts aspects of the organization.