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Jo Di Gove

Board Member


  • The first show I ever saw for Magic Moments was back in the mid 90's and I knew we had something cool, but I had to go to collage and travel the country to realize just how powerful Magic Moments really is.  So after having kids and realizing they also had a huge passion for musical theater my middle kiddo and I saw " Step Right Up" and we were both hooked.  Our first show was "In the Same boat".
  • At every show I sneak off when Ed Reinhardt is singing and I watch and hear him sing his solo and my soul is so filled it leaks out of my eyes, because that is why we do everything we do.  So everyone can be heard.

Hi, My name is JoDi Gove but most people just call me Cookie, I am on the board because I know what amazing work Magic Moments does and I wanted to be a bigger part of that.  I want to help make sure everyone in our huge family feels loved wanted and seen.

When I am not working with magic moments I am home with my 3 teenagers or running them around.  I have been married for over 20 years and am a traveling bartender so I work at events and fun parties around Denver and the springs.  I also plan wedding, parties and events for business around town