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Ted Kuenz



  • My first show was “The Drive In” in 1994. We had a fantastic time and I was a teenager watching, playing, and generally having a great time staying out of trouble!
  • My favorite memory tends to blur because there have been so many! Whether it was the creative process meeting with friends to come up with ideas for the show, working through rehearsals and watching things come alive, or being on stage and feeling the love from our cast and audience… it all comes together in a favorite feeling I think. Love from and for myself and those around me!

A veteran of stage and screen, Ted has had the privilege to serve as President for Magic Moments. Having worked professionally as an actor for many years, he finds Magic Moments to be the kind of creative endeavor one can actually enjoy! Ted was musical director for the Improv Olympic in Los Angeles and currently works with numerous local improvisational groups. He has been a part of Magic Moments since 1994 as a performer, writer, and board member.