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About Magic Moments

Magic Moments is an organization that’s passionate about theatre integration. We do not think that anyone should be prevented from being able to participate in the performing arts, regardless of their disabilities, age, appearance, experience, or talent.

The Annual Production

Every year, Magic Moments produces 1 original musical revue with a cast of up to 200 people as our way of showcasing the amazing theatre you can create when you use a truly integrated cast. Our first show was presented in 1984, and we have presented one every single year between then and now. You can find a list of our past shows at .

The Special Needs Theatre Arts Scholarship

In 2008 Magic Moments decided to expand its work outside of the annual production by introducing a scholarship for performers with special needs who wished to study the performing arts. More information about this scholarship can be seen at .

Annual Theatre Arts Workshops

For the past few years, Magic Moments has begun putting on workshops open to anyone who wants to brush up on their performance skills. In particular our auditioning workshop has been very popular. If you’re interested in participating in one of our future workshops, we encourage you to use the button in the sidebar to follow our news blog so you can stay up to date about our offerings.

photo of performersOther Collaborations

Magic Moments is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations that share our ideals. Most recently we collaborated with the Heidi Latsky Dance Company in a special, modern dance presentation aimed at bringing visibility to the role of people with disabilities within the community. If you are interested in collaborating with us on a project, please reach out to us at