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Past Shows

2019 – Boulveard of Broken Dreams 

The story concerns a person, the Dreamer, who has given up on having dreams and goals in life. That makes for a joyless existence at best. She gives a “shout out” to the universe and the universe answers with a journey and a Mentor. The Mentor tries to lead her to the realization that we make our own fate, we can choose to be who we want to be. We do not have to rely on others for validation. She makes her choice:  “This is me, take it or leave it.”  We all have this ability to choose, so choose.

2018 – In The Same Boat

A ship gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle and the Captain disappears. The competent First Mate and the dramatic Cruise Director have different ideas of how to save the ship.

The passengers are oblivious, then suspicious, then terrified and mutiny.

This being the Bermuda Triangle, “lost” people, and other things, show up. It’s only when everyone works together that they finally are able to bring the Captain back and really save the ship.

2017 – Step Right Up

In 2017 Magic Moments took its act on the road with our show about a small, traveling carnival that is slowly dying as its audience dwindles and its performers start thinking about giving up. After arriving in Haystack, Kansas things go from bad to worse as the local Pig Racing business tries to lure away the carnival’s audience, the local animal rights group tries to shut the carnival down, and a strange clown starts running around and terrifying the Ringmaster’s daughter. Watch the Ringmaster and Mama Fortuna work to save the carnival (with a little help from a surprising source!) and rock out to amazing songs from your favorite musicals and rock stars.

2016 – It’s All Greek To Me

Podunk-Logo-SmallJoin Professor Von Winchell, his Graduate Students Comedy and Tragedy, and a few of the many extra-curricular teams and clubs from Podunk University as they take you back through a thousand years of Greek history in Magic Moments’ 2016 production “It’s All Greek to Me!” Meet the Muses, play with Pandora’s box, spar with some Spartans, and get up close and personal with the Trojan Rabbit of War. Enjoy hits from classics like Queen, The Beach Boys, and Simon & Garfunkel, today’s stars including Walk the Moon, and Tony-award winning musicals Something Rotten!, Spamalot, The Wiz, and much more!

It’s All Greek To Me Photo Gallery

2015 – A Dark and Stormy Night 

DarkAndStormy1 On their way back from Las Vegas, a family of five crashes their car in the mountains of Colorado, near Estes Park. Shown the way to the only shelter available, The Underlook Hotel, they meet a crazy crew of caretakers. But not everything at the Underlook is as it seems. A Dark and Stormy Night is  a fun-filled homage to horror films and ghost stories of old and featured songs from The Eagles, Death Takes a Holiday, Bullets Over Broadway, The Muppets, Harry Belefonte, and more.

A Dark and Stormy Photo Gallery

2014 – Marry You

MarryYouAfter deciding to elope in Las Vegas, a couple finds themselves trying desperately to avoid the craziness family can bring to such occasions. In the end love wins out and family issues are put aside to make sure the couple realize their dreams. Featuring songs from La Cage Aux Folles, Legally Blonde, Queen, First Date, The Supremes, and more.

The Wedding Album

2013 – Spirit and Soul 2013

SpiritSoulLogo2013One of our favorite productions of all time was brought back with resounding success. Following the trials and tribulation of a southern revival tour, our audience was allowed to experience the pain of betrayal, the challenge of forgiveness, and the power of redemption. Featuring music from Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Kenny Loggins, Queen, Barenaked Ladies, and more.

2012 – A Night At Nick’s

image0011While celebrating his 35th birthday at Nick’s, a seaside bar and entertainment emporium, high school football standout Marty Shannon was plagued with the idea that his life was over. He hadn’t lived up to his potential, life was basically over, and finding true love would be out of reach. It took the energy, perspective, and love of the friends around him to open his eyes to the riches he already had. Featuring songs from Bon Jovi, Journey, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Bruce Springsteen, The Little Mermaid, and more.

2011 – Death of a Star

image003The audience investigated a murder during the final rehearsal of “Star Wars and Peace,” the worst musical ever written. A Diva was killed (thankfully) during her opening number and “the game was afoot.” “When you hear this Diva’s singing… of course it leads to murder!” A band of “expert” detectives joined in for a riotous night of “Whodunit.” Featuring songs from Weird Al Yankovic, Grease, and more.

Death of a Star Case Photos

2010 – The Child

image005Delving deep into the heart of man and challenging the audience to choose between the temptations of fame and fortune over the higher callings of love and humanity, The Child was definitely a more serious type of theater. This played out between the two everymen characters portrayed by a Veteran of War and The Child as they came to face The Devil and all the tempestuous minions he could create. Would love win over the addictions of sin? We presented this story using music from Little Shop of Horrors, Lady GaGa, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Ricky Martin, U2, Little Feat, Annie, Les Miserables, and many more!

2009 – This Just In

image007This Just In loosely parodied national “news” shows like “Today” and “Good Morning America”.  Its slogan:  “All the news that’s fit to entertain,” pretty much summed up this Baltimore TV station’stake on the “news”, where any song can be made into a “news” item.  From fitness to an out-of-season heat wave to an invasion of zombies, this station covered it all!

2008 – Stand By Me

image009Our 25th anniversary production (for the first time, a show that spanned two weekends!) Stand By Me was an exploration of what it means to participate in Magic Moments, the gifts and limits of both the disabled and the able bodied and how we all stand together to realize our personal journey in life.

2007 – All This and WWII

image011For the first time ever we decided to “remake” a show, and what better show than our most popular in recent history – “All This and World War II” (2002 production).  It seemed fitting, not only because of the fabulous music of that era, but as a reflection on the similarity between concerns for war and our soldiers then and now.  This remake turned out to be even more moving than the first – a truly classic production!

2006 – Cactus Flats

image013Our 2006 show centered on a young woman whose dreams were shattered by a life-changing event. On her way to stardom a tragic accident leaves her destined to live the rest of her life wheelchair-bound. Following the movement of life around her starting with despair, depression and bitterness with her circumstance, then to inspiration and the rebuilding of hope, and finally culminating with the desire to dream once again. Cactus Flats illustrated how the fire and humor of life inspires all of us to overcome our own obstacles in life. Our audience was treated to music by Garth Brooks, Sara Evans, Styx, and many others.

2005 – Daze & Knights

image015“Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends.” Our 22nd production was better and more fun than the last. This year’s effort emphasized the fun aspects of a theatrical production. One new twist, the set was made up of costumes! Designing these really challenged the crew. We also blended reality and fantasy. (The writers initially expressed opinions and preferences for both sides, so we decided to go with both!)The show started in reality and quickly evolved into Emily’s imaginary view of the world, and ended back in reality. Emily, our troubled teen, viewed her stepmother as very cold and distant, a rival in life. School was the same as a war zone in Emily’s reality, but in her fantasy world she got to have things her way, or so she thought… If she would but take the time and look, humor can be found in most situations. Given a chance, most people are better and more interesting in reality than in our imagination!

2004 – Spirit & Soul: The Tour

In this production the cast took a revival “Road Show” on tour through the South, and found many people looking for both salvation and direction in their lives. Through the music and the ministry, both were found! Music of both modern and classic song titles weaved a wonderful tapestry showing how even those who go astray can find support from those who constantly believe there is good in everyone. A truly incredible show!

2003 – Magic MoMart: A Store Story

The 2003 show paid homage to the creative genius and musical gift of Richard Rodgers in the 101st year since his birth. Richard Rodgers’ contributions to the musical theatre of his day were extraordinary, and his influence on the musical theatre of today and tomorrow is legendary. His career spanned more than six decades, and his hits ranged from the silver screens of Hollywood to the bright lights of Broadway, London and beyond. He was the recipient of countless awards, including Pulitzers, Tonys, Oscars, Grammys and Emmys. He wrote more than 900 published songs, and forty Broadway musicals. Our 2003 production took place in contemporary America in a small rural department store called Magic MoMart.

2002 – All This and World War II

image011Our talented writers and directors came up with an amazing original production taking us back 60 years to the home front during those dramatic years of WWII. This sold-out production was our largest to date with a cast of over 200 children, teens and adults.Musical numbers were American classic period pieces from 1939 to 1945 including: Rhythm is Our Business, Chatanooga Choo Choo, Tuxedo Junction, Blue Skies, The Way You Look Tonight, That Cat is High, Bugle Call Rag, It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing, Puttin on the Ritz, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and a number of WWII patriotic/war songs.

2001 – New Year’s Eve

2000 – The 4 Whatevers and Arnold

1999 – Hollywood and Vine

1998 – Nothing But Gershwin

1997 – An American Story

1996 – The Journey

1995 – Rear View Mirror

1994 – The Drive In

1993 – Ten Years After

1992 – One More Angel in Heaven

1991 – Cousins by the Dozens

1990 – Rock’n Reunion

1989 – I Remember Radio

1988 – Magic Moments V

1987 – Bridges to Broadway

1986 – Building Bridges

1985 – Magic Moments II

1984 – Magic Moments