About Magic Moments

Magic Moments is a non-profit theatre group that proves you can create amazing theatre that is fully integrated. Theatre should be for everyone; no matter someone’s age, abilities, physical limitations, or experience.

What People are Saying

Michelle Resendez

Magic Moments has been tons of fun, a learning experience, being able to do what Adrian has always enjoyed doing which is to perform for lots of people, & being able to get scholarships over the years, to continue to grow as an actor, dancer, & singer!

Louie and Missy Feher-Peiker

Not only our lives, but those of our kids who grew up in Magic Moments, have been opened to the celebration of lives of diversity, opportunity, possibility and greater abilities.

Lucie Brossard

Magic Moments has allowed our son to shine brightly on stage, thanks to their willingness to accept his differences and let his potential burst through for enthusiastic audiences to enjoy!