About Magic Moments

Magic Moments is a non-profit theatre group that proves you can create amazing theatre that is fully integrated. Theatre should be for everyone; no matter someone’s age, abilities, physical limitations, or experience.

What People are Saying


I used to do Magic Moments as a teenager. It’s been many years since the last time I was able to be a part of one of the productions, but to this day many of my closest friends come from the connections I made while doing these shows.

Mike & Carol Langworthy

With the inclusiveness of Magic Moments, our daughter, Elizabeth, is able to realize her life-long dream of being an actress in musical theatre.

Lisa Seybert

One of the hardest (but BEST) things my SN son ever did was practice, learn, dance, and sing on that stage with the nicest people ever ~ Nobody is a stranger in the MM family and life without Magic Moments would be dull and sad.