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If you auditioned, you don’t have to send paperwork again. Just those who didn’t audition. Thank you!!!

Register for the show by filling in ALL FIELDS in the form below. If signing up multiple people, complete one form per person.

2 weeknight rehearsals plus some Saturdays and every Sunday
2 weeknight rehearsals plus some Saturdays and every Sunday
1-2 weeknight rehearsals plus 3-4 Saturdays and every Sunday
1 weeknight rehearsal with 1-2 Saturdays and every Sunday
Every Sunday with 1-2 Saturdays and possibly 1 weeknight, depending on role
Will you accept any role?
Desired level of involvement?


Please refer to the rehearsal calendar for a full list of dates to check if you have any conflicts.
Do you have rehearsal conflicts?


Please either upload a resume OR answer the experience questions below


Do you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of such as allergies, a bum knee, migraines, etc?


Photographic Release

I hereby authorize Magic Moments, Inc. to publish photographs taken of me, and use my name, for use in printed publications, publicity and Web site. I acknowledge that since my participation in publications, publicity and Web sites produced by Magic Moments, Inc. is voluntary, I will receive no financial compensation or rights of ownership whatsoever. I release Magic Moments, Inc., its contractors and its employees from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation.
Liability Release

I agree that my safety is primarily my own responsibility. I agree to make sure that I know how to safely participate in the annual production and rehearsal, and I agree to observe any rules and practices that may be employed to minimize the risk of injury. I agree to stop and seek assistance if I do not believe I can safely continue, to limit my participation to reflect my personal fitness level, and to refrain from any and all actions that would pose a hazard to myself or others.
Food Allergy Release

An environment free of allergens, including but not limited to food allergens, cannot be guaranteed while participating in Magic Moments, Inc. While reasonable efforts will be made to limit availability of food not containing allergens for children’s rehearsals, we cannot guarantee that any Participant will not come into contact with any allergens while participating in the Program. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that he/she is aware of such risks and that participation in the Program will expose the Participant to food, activities and persons that may result in exposure to allergens the undersigned hereby fully releases and discharges Magic Moments, Inc. from any and all liability and/or responsibility to the Participant, the undersigned, or any third party for death and/or injuries to the Participant, and/or any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or any damages that arise out of or relate to Participant’s participation in this Program.


Would you like to partner with an actor who needs assistance? Are you an actor who requires assistance from a partner to be successful?


Please provide the name and phone number of someone to contact in case of emergencies.


Registration takes place on December 3 at Waterstone Community Church - 5890 S Alkire St Littleton, CO 80127. If you want to be in the show you must register! Please pick a timeslot from the list available below to let us know when you expect to come to registrationn.