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Meet the Cast: Heather, Heather and Laura

Welcome to the fifth in a series of interviews with members of the cast of this year’s Magic Moments production – a carnival-themed, original musical revue. Because this week is Sweet Nothings Week at Magic Moments, our videos this week give you chance to hear more about the Sweet Nothings program directly from folks who’ve been touched by it.

Meet The Heathers

Heather S. and Heather P. are longtime Magic Moments participants and partners in this year’s show. Heather S. is one of our many participants who brings her whole family into the act; you’ll spot both of her kids in our teen cast. Heather P. is super excited that this year she has her very first solo, which she credits to the singing help she’s gotten from the Theatre Arts Scholarship program funded from the sale of Sweet Nothings.


Meet Laura

Laura has a special relationship with Sweet Nothings. As a voice teacher she has the privilege of teaching/coaching many of our scholarship winners. She’s also been in Magic Moments for over 20 years and is a huge supporter of all the work we do.