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Stephen Bradford

Board member


  • The first MM show we ever saw was "Night at Nicks " in 2012. Debbie and I brought our daughter Erin after being prompted by Bobbi Shuster and Frank Kafka. When the house lights came back on after the curtain closed Erin exclaimed that was what she wanted to do. She auditioned for the 2013 production of " Spirit and Soul". She was hooked and I came along for her ride. Watching her do what she loved was inspirational.
  • My favorite moment in MM is always bittersweet for us. I loved to watch the joy our daughter shared with the audience. Her smile lit up the stage and to see the confidence gained was so very gratifying to us. Since Erin passed in March of 2017 our favorite moment might be this last show during Circle the anniversary of  her passing. When the production team awarded "The Erin Bradford Golden Shoes Award", we were lifted up by the entire cast. To us she was larger than life and during those moments we knew she was with us and the krewe on that night.

I am on the Board to support this organization. I believe they do  important, magnificent work within our community. We saw the growth they provide for people of all abilities through our daughter and I think that I can help in their mission.

I am a part owner of a Construction company that prefabricates building exteriors using Cold Formed Steel studs. We build them offsite and transport them to the site and lift them up by crane into place and connect them to the structure. It feeds my creative side.