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Tracie Pollet-Paschall

Board member


  • All That and World War 2, the second time.
  • Tracie has loved every minute of singing and dancing on stage with her husband and four children. Tap dancing on stage with the two oldest kids Its All Greek To Me is her favorite memory, although getting to play her husbands stage-wife during Take The High Road 2022 was also favorite time.

Tracie is excited to be joining the Magic Moments board for the third time. Magic Moments has been a part of her life for over 15 years, and she’s been a proud member of the cast, crew, production team and board at various times through the years. She leads our sales team and box office. 

When not volunteering for Magic Moments, Tracie is a professional Marketing Strategist. She holds a degree in Business Economics from the University of Northern Colorado.