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2015 Recap

“It Was A Very Good Year…”

Magic Moments creates opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in the performing arts. We bring people of differing abilities together to celebrate life through drama, song, and dance. This artistic creation fosters a special kind of joy shared by all involved!

2015 was a big year for us. We expanded our programming, our fundraising efforts and added a couple of events as well. We received the Shift Award from Building Bridges in April. We were recognized as an organization that “shifts perspectives” as it relates to the special needs community. Not only did we perform in front of an audience of 300, we were able to promote community awareness!

In June 2015, we were asked to perform at the “Aging Well Summit” which was held in Jefferson County. The premise of the Summit and the Magic Moments performance was about full participation of all, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and others with disabilities who are living longer than in the past, helping them to be a vital part of a healthy community. Not only did we have a performance, we held a Q&A panel as well. It was another success.

September 22, 2015 we held an “Intro to Magic Moments” at the Bug Theatre to attract new sponsors. We conducted our documentary screening after our performance segment. Snacks were provided by Denver Area Chef’s. All the guests who attended were new to Magic Moments. We gained new sponsors, raised some funds, and had fun doing it.

This past October we held Audition Workshops. The presenters were highly regarded in their fields and donated their time. The participants learned basic theater language, staging, improvisation, movement and selecting an audition song. The evaluation survey indicated that everyone had a great time, learned and/or brushed up on their theater knowledge, would love to have a workshop dedicated to improvisation and want to attend future Audition Workshops. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

To close out 2015, we gathered a group and sang Christmas Carols at Brookdale University Park, an assisted living facility. This was a fun get-together. The residents really enjoyed the songs and loved the performers. We have an open invitation to perform anytime! We also held a fundraiser at Barnes & Noble. We had a variety of performers that sang and/or played instruments. We were able to promote community awareness, recruit a couple of volunteers and raise some money at this event.

We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!!

~ Ruby

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