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Heather Spillman

2nd Vice President


  • The Child
  • Her favorite thing about Magic Moments is all of the years she was able to do the show with her kids and her sister-in-law.

Heather has been working with Magic Moments since 2010; her son was in “The Child” so she volunteered backstage and fell in love with what Magic Moments was doing and everything it stood for. Since then she has been in every production, helped write the shows since 2014, sat on the board from 2014 -2017 and has now returned for another term.

Heather has ties to the greater Denver theatre community through her son’s professional productions and being a Henry Judge for 4 years.

When she is not doing any Magic Moments things she volunteers at a nonprofit feeding the homeless and with several LGBTQ+ nonprofits seeking greater equality and supporting the community as an ally. Heather is also a published author.