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Kamala Quintana

Production Manager and Board Secretary


  • 2003, Magic MoMart. I was a washer woman and had never been in a show before. I had a tiny solo and I was truly horrible.
  • Having done 16 shows, there are so many memories! Dancing in “One Night in Bangkok” and tap-dancing as one of 25 female Cardinals in “Vatican Rag” stand out. Being the Mother of the Bride in “Marry You” and the Dead Mother the following year in “Dark and Stormy Night” were amazing times with many fond memories.

Kamala oversees the administrative and business operations for every production to ensure an organized and efficient process. She oversees all staffing, contracting, front of house and facilities functions. She has been on the board since 2003 having served as a set design consultant, secretary (5 years) and first vice-president (2 years). She has played a major role in executing the artistic vision of the organization along with her ridiculously talented production staff for close to 15 years.

Kamala designed and built multi-million-dollar custom homes for 25 years and is currently the office manager for the Department of Energy in Golden, Colorado.