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Presenting: Magic Moments new logo

The arrival of the new year hails the dawning of a spectacular new show: Step Right Up! In addition to the new year, and the new show, MAGIC MOMENTS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE ARRIVAL OF OUR NEW LOGO:

A year ago the Board of Directors started the process of creating a new Magic Moments Logo that would speak to what Magic Moments represents. We are an integrated theatrical community where ALL people enhance the stage with every note, every spin, and every smile they contribute. We are musical theater where everyone’s talents, regardless of abilities, shine bright. Thanks to the creative inspiration of Madi Spillman, and the talented artistry of April Davis, we now have a logo that celebrates the unique magic of our organization.



The Symposium is Over!

Professor Von Winchell is winging his way (coach) back to Oxford and the residents of Podunk, IA return to their normal, everyday lives a little wiser in the ways of Ancient Greece.